Somebody's Darling

Ever since the regrettable breakup of Slobberbone, the area alt-country scene has consisted of a lot of bands (however talented) that spend a bit too much time on their wardrobes, and not enough time on their music. Someone needs to tell these folks that those big hats and bolero ties (not to mention cover tunes) can only get a band so far.

Enter powerhouse vocalist Amber Farris and the rest of Somebody's Darling. Mixing the chugging rhythm section of Old 97's with a bluesy, almost Patsy Cline vibe, the music of Somebody's Darling is slick when it wants to be and hard-charging when it counts. While some bands might shy away from a conventional power ballad like "Easy," Farris and crew invest the song with just the right amount of hayseed swagger, creating a tension that's both dynamic and attentive. And when muscle is called for (thanks to guitarist David Ponder), songs like "Farewell" and "Hearts Too Young" deliver in spades.

Throughout all five cuts on this impressive EP, Somebody's Darling performs with a confidence and playfulness that speaks well for any full-length effort that should be in the band's future. Music this tuneful and self-assured warrants a speedy encore.


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