Something's Afoot At The Old Tower Records Spot On Lemmon

What a great shot this is! (Pete Freedman)EXPAND
What a great shot this is! (Pete Freedman)
What a great shot this is! (Pete Freedman)

Driving to and from lunch today, we noticed something going on at the old Tower Records location on Lemmon Avenue. You might remember it going out of business about a year and a half ago?

Anyway, there were people there today! Doing stuff, too! OK, they were construction workers, mind you, and it looked like they were there to do some wrecking.

It'd be tough to really call a spot in which you were charged a good five bucks over the going rate for a CD a "paradise," but what're the odds this location gets turned into a parking lot? 10 to 1? 4 to 1?

I'll set the odds of Joni Mitchell showing up for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of whatever it becomes at 10,000,000 to 1...and I'll even consider honoring that. -- Pete Freedman

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