Sondre Lerche, JBM

Norwegian singer-songwriter Sondre Lerche has already taken home a Grammy in his native country, and thanks to his growing appeal among a high-brow, NPR-listening crowd, it seems like it's only a matter of time before he wins one stateside. Lerche released his first "mature" pop album, Faces Down, in 2001 and since then has reinvented himself with each of his five additional albums, hopscotching styles from indie pop-rock to jazz to the soundtrack of 2007's Dan in Real Life, which found him collaborating with Regina Spektor on the track "Hell No" and introduced his major-label "indie" pop songs to a new Barnes & Noble crowd.

His most recent album, Heartbeat Radio, was released in September and, since, has received mostly positive reviews. Late last year, Lerche also recorded a cover of Animal Collective's "Bluish," which shortly thereafter blew up on the blog-scene, adding yet another audience to his demographic.

Lerche's current tour is set to showcase the artist solo with no backing band, making for an exceptionally intimate affair. He'll be making his way through Texas with opener JBM in tow.


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