Where is Heaven, Texas? Geographically speaking, it's a state of mind, but on Soviet's debut full-length, it's the intersection of early-'90s latitudes and melodic longitudes. The Dallas four-piece's LP follows up an EP from earlier this year, and sets the tone with the title track, allowing the dark roots of British pop to collide with love in the song "She's With Me."

"Party Anthem" is decidedly not, but rather more a harmonic, pseudo-patriotic jingle about "purple mountains turning black" that could have served as the 10-song LP's intermission. "Leaving College" channels a sweeter Dead Milkmen and "She Wears All Kinds of Shit" is hazy and to the point. Closer "Tommy Lee's Elevator to Heaven" is a mostly instrumental jam that puts a fine point on the album's use of reverb. Heaven, Texas is fairly even, tempo-wise. The only complaint is there could have been a little more squall, more of that jam.


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