Spitfire Tumbleweeds

Rock and roll supergroups are a tricky business. Too often, they consist of has-beens reaching the lowest common musical denominator of their former groups (see Velvet Revolver). Fortunately, Denton's Spitfire Tumbleweeds transcends mere side-project status; their gritty, experimental country is just as good or better than the bands from which it draws its members. That's saying a lot, as those bands include such local heroes as Record Hop, jetscreamer and Super Love Attack. The eight-piece should put on a great show after a long summer hiatus. Raise a Lone Star to welcome them back during the swinging "Drinker's Disposition" or the blazing-fast, banjo-fueled "Drinkin' Song." But they're at their best when things get weird, like on "Dead Skunk," in which sci-fi theremin, overdriven guitar and banjo collide with ball-peen-hammer-and-disc-brake percussion.


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