Spring Is Here, and It's Time to Say "Yes."

In this glittering city of lists, soft openings, RSVP deadlines and plus-ones, trust me when I tell you the people behind the velvet ropes have one common denominator. They said "Yes." A quick scan through your email or, if you're lucky, your snail mail, is all it takes to land a beautiful spring night under twinkling lights buzzed on free bourbon and surrounded by bow ties.

Last Saturday, Switch Creative and Billy Reid hosted The Southern Social at their lovely Highland Park Village store to a larger crowd than anyone anticipated. An encouraging mix of men in gingham, music-scene femmes and at least one Cannabinoid kept things interesting. Admittedly, I am a fan of both the Billy Reid shopping experience and their previous events. Their loyalty to Southern hospitality extends past their brand and into their parties by way of Buffalo Trace in the dressing room, or a game of cornhole in the parking lot. Add in the addictive fried chicken from Lisa Garza's newest enterprise, Sissy's, and music from The Fox and The Bird and Destry.

So, here you are in Highland Park Village, under those magically lit trees, drunk with rich people. I suggest you make a few friends, because I will always suggest that. If you can make friends with the adorable manager of LAFCO, start there. This will come in handy when, due to the unexpected crowd, the bar runs out of clean Mason jars. You two will be able to grab the largest Mason jars (guaranteeing the largest pours) and go wash them in her nearby store. Additionally, even off the clock she will introduce you to your new favorite perfume, upon which someone at the party will later remark.

And don't worry: The bands have been drinking at least as much bourbon as you and are going to need some carbs. This will be your in for dinner later that night at Patrizio's. And then get to Lee Harvey's for last call — it can't be all pinky-out preps the whole weekend. I need some bikers and bad cover bands to balance out my bow ties.


Deb Doing Dallas

What was supposed to be a casual stop on the way somewhere else made it impossible to leave: too many refills, too many people to visit with. Mother Nature did her part, too.

These first weekends of spring in Dallas are something special. I see you all, sipping your drink leisurely, savoring that patio table. It makes you a little kinder, your smile slower but wider. I beg you Dallas, as you come out of hibernation this year, to just say "Yes." Anything could happen, but only if you meet me there, sugars. —Deb Doing Dallas


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