Spune´s Back2School

Every few months, Spune Productions throws some great "welcome to the music scene" shows that are perfect for local newbies. But it's one thing to get a varied smattering of the best in local pop-rock in one sitting, with bands such as the Deathray Davies, [DARYL], The Angelus, The Hourly Radio, Black Tie Dynasty and Red Monroe; it's another to see them all for free if you're over 21. All younger patrons pay $5, but even then, everyone still gets free food and drinks at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. (while supplies last), so come for the goodies, and stay for the musical treats. Of particular note is a group that will floor you, The Numbers Twist, with prominent members of Red Animal War taking their hard rock in an entirely different--and face-melting--direction.

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