Steal: Red Monroe, The Lifters, Oliver Future

Red Monroe, The Lifters, Oliver Future Central Market, Fort Worth. Free

Steal: Red Monroe, The Lifters, Oliver Future

Get your broke ass down to Fort Worth on Thursday, Sept. 27, for a trio of nu-nue-nuevo-nouveau pop from this trio of bands. First off, Red Monroe shakes and shimmies with a style that culls from everything from new wave to the disco-era Stones to the choppy, danceable rock of the likes of Modest Mouse. The Lifters take a less frenetic approach; their radio-friendly sound is a blend of modern alt-country and weepy pop. Finally, Oliver Future, some of whom hail from right here in Big D, have found bit of success in L.A. with their glossy, well-written and trickily soulful tunes. Should be a good one, and you can also pick up some hummus on Aisle 5. Or, if you’re really broke, work the free sample circuit. –- Jonanna Widner

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