Stray Cats

Stray Cats' first official live recording isn't a greatest-hits collection. Though all the big tracks are here, the deep cuts are, too, so even the most ardent fans will be pleased by the offerings on this two-disc album and companion DVD, recorded at London's Brixton Academy. More than 20 years after their first album, Stray Cats rock as hard as they swing, which is way harder than should be possible for a 45-year-old Bush supporter (yup, singer-guitarist Brian Setzer is a Dubya fan). They're still angry, horny and delinquent--which comes off earnest even when, on "(She's) Sexy + 17," Setzer sings, "I ain't goin' to school/It starts too early for me." His cocky attitude, spastic guitar solos and thumpin' stand-up bass keep things rocking, which extends to "Mystery Train Kept a Rollin'," the album closer and new studio track that pays tribute to their roots while promising a great future.


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