Sum 41; Freakers Ball; Everclear

If Black Dice, Karate and k. are making northeast Texas a safe place for wizened college rockers this week, the perpetually adolescent among us need not feel abandoned: Shows by Sum 41 and Everclear and KEGL-FM's Freakers Ball should provide safe havens for confused teens on the prowl for identity-rich power chords--it's just a question of whom to look up to. Canadian pop-punk dimwits Sum 41, at the Galaxy Club on Thursday, are perfect if sneaking into Jackass eight times last weekend didn't satisfy your taste for misdemeanor-level misbehavior; Does This Look Infected?, the dudes' forthcoming follow-up to last year's wildly popular All Killer No Filler, doesn't fuck with what worked last time. Dick jokes not your bag? Allow Korn, Disturbed, TRUSTcompany and Blindside to feel your pain at the Smirnoff Music Centre on Thursday instead. The latter two acts might take themselves a little seriously, but in Korn front man Jonathan Davis and Disturbed singer David Draiman we've got two heavy-metal dramatists ideal for these intemperate times. And then there's Everclear, at Texas Hall in Arlington on Tuesday, just waiting to dole out wisdom to...whom, actually? Since appearing in 1995 as a snarky Kurt Cobain wannabe, front man Art Alexakis has sung as a drug-culture documentarian, a music-biz contrarian and a middle-aged survivor, all to an increasingly catholic pop-rock accompaniment. Perhaps a bit of parental guidance is suggested after all.

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