Supersuckers, Charlie & The Valentine Killers, The American Fuse, Spector 45

Proclaiming yourself the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world isn't quite as bad as elevating yourself above Jesus Christ, but, man, that's still a lot of self-generated hype to live up to. Yet it's a title the Supersuckers have been working toward for 20 years, after writing itself into rock history with songs about the vices commonly associated with rock—sex, drugs, alcohol and the devil.

The 'suckers have spent the greater part of this year touring Europe and South America in support of last year's well-received Get It Together, an LP that, as always, fuses Eddie Spaghetti's brawny and confident vocals, "Scottzilla" Churilla's relentless drumming, and "Rontrose" Heathman and Dan "Thunder" Bolton's sweet, sweet guitar solos and duels. And while this album's songs are somehow more earnest and grounded than the band's previous party music, it still has the grandstanding that's become the band's trademark (one of the tracks is titled "I'm a Fucking Genius").

All the Supersuckers ever want is to rock your pants off. Just let 'em.

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