Symbolyc One

Symbolyc One, aka producer and rapper S1, keeps a busy schedule as part of Waco's Strange Fruit Project and Erykah Badu's funky electronic production crew The Cannabinoids. And his distinctive soulful blend of organic funk and banging beats has lead to increasingly high-profile production work for artists including Chamillionaire, Slim Thug and Ghostface Killah—not to mention tracks under consideration for 50 Cent's upcoming album.

Music Box, his second solo effort, is a veritable demo reel of stunning beats ranging from the banging single "Mash" to mellow, jazz-influenced slow jams like "Neva" and "Chemistry." Guest rappers include local stars like the Aeonz crew (which features PPT, Brownlion, Verbal Seed and others) and Dawg Wonder to nationally known names like Little Brother, Rah Digga and Arrested Development's Speech.

It's easy to see why S1 chose "Mash" as the first single; rappers Pooh and Kay trade witty boasts over funky minor-key organ riffs and the driving mid-tempo drumbeat is sure to get anyone's head nodding. There's nary a weak track on the CD, though. Local rappers: Hire this guy while you can still afford him.


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