Tabula Rasa, the Chemistry Set, Sunward

After forming in 1992, Tabula Rasa took Dallas, Fort Worth and Denton by storm, tidily earning "Best New Act" from the Dallas Observer in 1993. And then, as quickly as Deep Ellum's Green Room dubbed its signature cheese pizza "The Tabula Rasa," they disbanded in 1994. Members Ezra Boggs, Stephen Duncan, Doug Kershaw, Owen Kinser and Jason LaMarca went on to perform with The Chemistry Set, Grand Street Cryers, I the Jury, Drive-By Orchestra, Blender, Not Called Common and Sunward. Tonight's reunion show marks Tabula Rasa's 20th anniversary, and includes a reunion performance by The Chemistry Set. The evening also serves as the release show for Sunward's A Magical Display of Lights and Rays EP. Salim Nourallah opens. Daniel Rodrigue


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