Tenacious D

Even sans the film, the Tenacious D-orchestrated soundtrack for its full-length feature The Pick of Destiny is a seriously marvelous three-act musical comedy. The album is like a spoofed-out Behind the Music, unraveling the fictitious story of folk-metal musicians Jables (aka Jack Black) and Kage (aka Kyle Gass), track by track. On "History," Black opens with a bold summation: "This is a song called the history of Tenacious D, and it's not just a list of bullshit things we've done in the past, but it's a chronicling of our rise to power!" Full of bathroom humor, valley-girl speak and not-so-surprising guest spots from Dave Grohl, Meat Loaf and the almighty Ronnie James Dio, Pick is everything quirky and smart about Tenacious D. There's even a sentimental number, "Dude (I Totally Miss You)," that cleverly bites on the guilty pleasure known as the hair-metal ballad. Dude, Tenacious D truly is the greatest band on earth.


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