The Academy Is..., Mayday Parade, Set Your Goals, The Secret Handshake,You Me At Six

Though the Alt Press' Fall Ball tour lineup reads like a who's who of tween pop bands (The Academy Is..., Mayday Parade and more) the real draw when the tour makes its Dallas stop will be the return of hometown product Luis Dubuc, aka The Secret Handshake.

While Dubuc's simplistic lyrics and basic pop song structures may be underwhelming to many a music aficionado, as much has really had minimal effect on his appeal with Gen Y. Of course, the myriad lyrical references to the mid-'90s on his sophomore effort, My Name in Lights, are largely responsible for this phenomenon—a trend most notably apparent in the song "TGIF" which namedrops Full House and the rest of ABC's 1995 primetime lineup.

And while the blend of emo, dance and Disney-pop might sound a bit confusing (it is!) the style does lend itself to live performances that will just as readily produce covers of Miley Cyrus songs as it will Skee-Lo's '95 hip-hop jam "I Wish."

—Cory Graves

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