The Beatdown

In 2000, lauded producer, remixer, DJ and label owner Peter Rauhofer won a Grammy for Remixer of the Year. For all those who even knew such a category existed (and for the even fewer who believe a Grammy bestows any merit whatsoever), Rauhofer (who splits his time between New York and his hometown of Vienna) brings his internationally recognized turntable skills to Dallas on Friday.

Actually, Rauhofer deserves many of the accolades (if not the gaudy hardware) that have come his way. In 1992, under the moniker Club 69, Rauhofer scored an unlikely but likable hit with "Let Me Be Your Underwear," the beginning of a series of gay-friendly singles that culminated in the seminal Adults Only full-length. Rauhofer continued his '90s blend of trance and tribal rhythms under such names as House Heroes (the suggestively heavy "Magic Orgasm") and Size Queen (the more trendy "Pimps, Pumps & Pushers").

Since becoming the remixer du jour for heavyweights such as Madonna, Jennifer Lopez (?), Whitney Houston (??) and Cher, Rauhofer has unfortunately become content to rest on past accomplishments, releasing several so-so efforts such as the current double-disc set I Love NY, a rehash of beats he mastered more than a decade ago. In any case, the Austrian should prove capable of reviewing past glories as he has amassed a back catalog significant enough to take hold for at least this night.


Peter Rauhofer

Peter Rauhofer spins at Club One on Saturday, July 15.

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