The Beatdown

Londoners Will Kennard and Saul Milton spent their snotty, late teenage years tagging bridges with the moniker "Chase and Status." Luckily for dance fans, they traded their graffiti for gyrating hips in 1996. Renowned in dance clubs across Europe for their rumbling drum 'n' bass remixes and use of classic Jamaican dub beats, these two Brits are touring in support of Bingo Sessions V.3, their refreshingly inventive set of hip-hop and techno that switches styles almost as soon as it settles into a rhythm. Featuring an A-list of across-the-pond guest stars (Top Cat, Eksman, Jakes MC), Bingo improves upon the innovations first ventured on the duo's Druids EP.

Aside from their interestingly historical bent (the duo often incorporates Phil Collins' "Easy Lover" into their marathon sets as well as several Deborah Harry samples), Chase and Status have also released 12-inch singles under the Loopdigga guise, garnishing spins from the likes of hailed Euro DJs Stanton Warriors, the Autobots and the Breakfastaz. Their remix of Future Cut's "20/20" has appeared on several compilations, and the pair appear ready to bring their stylistic enhancements to an audience waiting for the chance to shake their Anglophile moneymakers to an inspired, bottom-heavy pulse on a Friday night. Imported trance of such high regard rarely makes its way into the summer heat of North Texas, so don't tell Chase and Status about anti-graffiti Dallas City Council member Angela Hunt; she might scare the lads away.


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