The Beatdown

Whatever name you call him by--sHack, Simon Shackleton or Elite Force--the British DJ is widely recognized as one of the top breaks producers in the world. Shackleton's style extends beyond the breakbeat remix and is often referred to as "tech-funk," encompassing various elements of house, techno and old-school electro. Starting in 1997 with his Cool Like the Man release on his own Fused and Bruised label on through to this year's Shadowbox/Ghetto Fabulous 12" on the Kingsize imprint, he has built a body of work that has carved dance floors and defined the tech-funk sound. Shackleton's collaborations with tech-break heavyweight Meat Katie have taken their respective sounds to new heights, starting with 2003 smash "Toba," and his considerable knob-twiddling ability has earned him countless remix gigs including reworks for the Crystal Method, Rennie Pilgrem and his recent retooling of the hip-hop classic "White Lines" by the legendary Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel. Shackleton considerably cut back on his DJ gigs and Internet broadcasts at the beginning of '06 to refocus on his production work. The result is the highly anticipated full-length Modern:Primitive which he promises to be some of his best work. Reinvigorated by this new studio effort, Elite Force finally brings his patented sound back to Stateside dance clubs.

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