The Beatdown

When DJ Pedro Sanchez comes cruising into Club One on his "Sledgehammer" bike Friday night, I wonder if he'll have any sweet turntable skills in tow. Really, is this a shameless money grab by Efren Ramirez to cash in on his role as Napoleon Dynamite's socially retarded sidekick? When the name of the tour is "Vote for Pedro," it's hard to consider the gig anything but. Your best bet is to arrive early and punch the ticket for opener and local legend DJ Red Eye instead. Red Eye (Scott Canfield) began his campaign back in '92 when, along with running mate DJ A-1, he released the acclaimed and now-legendary High Friends in Places EP under the pseudonym Nasa Project. Lately Scott stays busy dropping more bombs than Uncle Rico and even contributing vocals (yes, he sings too) for tracks by Phil Weeks, Q Burns and Hipee. Gosh, come to think of it, Nasa Project reunites for one very special night at Saturday's "Reunion of the Old School" at Lizard Lounge. With local OGs Jeff K and DJ Merritt opening, it should be sweeter than chatting online with babes all day. So dust off those moon boots and bust out that D-Qwon's Dance Grooves video, because the old school is in session.


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