The Beatdown

Evil Eddie Richards' legendary dance résumé should be an easy sell in any forward-thinking metropolitan town, right? He played early gigs at some of the first UK clubs to feature American house music and was instrumental in introducing house to the burgeoning Manchester scene in the mid-'80s. Never stagnant, Eddie and contemporaries Terry Francis and Gideon Jackson have been credited as the innovators of the techno-house hybrid simply known as tech-house. The basic house structure is still there, but instead of a funky piano loop and a pounding kick, the DJ serves up an acid-y synth line beaten down by a low-end farting bass. You'd think that Eddie's seamless mix of deep techno and soulful tribal house would ensure a big turnout this Friday at minc, but sometimes Dallas seems so cocooned in the sounds of straight-up house and D&B that promoters probably break out in hives just thinking about bringing a guy like Richards to town. Maybe I'm wrong; maybe hundreds are already chomping at the bit to check out a true legend of the underground club scene, but I've been around this scene long enough to worry about Richards' first-ever stop in Dallas. Dance fans, give the out-of-towner a warm welcome and quiet my doubts, wouldja?


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