The Beatdown

Call the San Francisco dance scene eclectic if you want, but really, it has always been about house. In the past few years the dominant face of that scene has certainly become one Miguel Migs. Having a mug that could pass for a gardener on Desperate Housewives doesn't hurt his cover appeal, but Miguel has some cred to back up his quasi-fame. Producing under various monikers like Petalpusher and L'isha, he almost single-handedly defined the sound of the vastly popular Naked Music imprint. His silky-smooth, instrument-laden production style, coupled with Naked's unmistakably cheesy '70s disco packaging, made the label and Migs an instant hit among DJs and weekend warriors alike. Migs, mug and all, has gone on to become a top-flight DJ and producer, not to mention a highly sought-after remix artist working with the likes of Lionel Ritchie, Macy Gray and even Britney Spears. Sure, his musical style is about as challenging as home economics and his organic, chilled-out neo-soul is the sort of dance music that could even get your mom's head a-noddin', but hey--it's all about the part, y'all, and this Friday at minc may be the pretty-people party of the year. Don't dilly-dally, either, as local legend Demarkus Lewis opens the show with his patented deep 'n' funky sets.

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