The Beatdown

Jeremy Word has already done enough for Dallas as Kid Icarus, a local DJ whose eclectic sets of techy hard-house have earned acclaim both locally and abroad. But his role in ringleading big-name dance events in Dallas is perhaps even more vital to the scene, and his booking group, Prototype Industries, pulls off a dance-dance-doubleheader this weekend. On Friday, Prototype presents drum and bass legend Andy C., who will take rock club Trees by storm with furious sets of spine-crunching rhythms and lip-curling bass lines. With local D&Bers Squirt and DJ Titan supporting, this will easily be the most percussive night of the year. And in a strange attempt to outdo himself, Word (with the help of Brooke Humphries' booking group, Full Access) shuffles none other than Chicago house god Felix Da Housecat into Seven. Felix's 2001 release, Kittenz and Thee Glitz, almost singlehandedly set off the synth-pop and club revival, and he's still riding that wave of success to our fair city. But don't expect Word to be enjoying the concerts with you--he'll be too busy pounding the pavement with flyer handouts and getting dance patrons excited about the next show. If you check out these shows, try, for once, not to throw away the flyer stuck on your windshield --for Word's sake.


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