The Bellrays

The Bellrays have been around for a long time, yet still have a lot of life to live. Led by vocalist Lisa Kekaula and guitarist Bob Vennum, the four-piece has its own distinct blend of Stax Records soul and garage rock. Hard-driving but not abrasive or whiny, the band's music still manages to groove and shake its listeners too—not too bad for a band that has been in existence since the early 1990s.

With its last two releases, '06's Have a Little Faith and '08's Hard Sweet and Sticky, the band has songs that could be compared to early period Love, as well as early Stooges and Curtis Mayfield. The Bellrays don't technically fit with one style of rock or soul, but with a singer as satisfying and joyous as Kekaula, you can't complain.

This is definitely the kind of music you have to experience on your feet, ready to clap and ready to move.


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