The Best Damn Fictional Movie Bands Ever!

The Best Damn Fictional Movie Bands Ever!

There's a lot of bad movies out there made better by music. There are also a lot of indie movies out there made famous by music.

The unsung heroes, however--beyond the Oscar--winning soundtracks and the Garden States of the world--are those great bands made up completely for the benefit of the movie. In other words: Where would we all be without the joy of This Is...Spinal Tap? It would be a grim, un-fantastic movie world, that's for sure.

This list of the best fictional bands ever created for Hollywood is merely a tip of the iceberg. But, we hope, it's still a solid catalog of the very best fictional bands out there in film.

It's also possible that this list is just an excuse to talk about Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Anyway, check our list out after the jump.

1. Spinal Tap - This is Spinal Tap

2. Citizen Dick - Singles

3. The Wonders, aka The One-ders - That Thing You Do!

4. Stillwater - Almost Famous

5. Eddie and The Cruisers - Eddie and The Cruisers

6. Josie & the Pussycats - Josie & the Pussycats

7. Berko, also Rex Manning - Empire Records

8. Bad Blake - Crazy Heart

9. The Kinky Wizards/Barry Jive & the Uptown Five/Kathleen Turner Overdrive/Sonic Death Monkey - High Fidelity

10. Hey, That's My Bike - Reality Bites

Hey, That's My Bike
Hey, That's My Bike

11. Loveburger - Can't Hardly Wait

12. Buckaroo Banzai - The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

13. The Wild Stallions Wyld Stallyns - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

14. Infant Sorrow - Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him To The Greek

15. The Lone Rangers - Airheads

16. The Commitments - The Commitments

17. Big Fun - Heathers

18. Otis Day & The Knights - Animal House

19. Blues Brothers - Blues Brothers

20. Blueshammer - Ghost World

The Best Damn Fictional Movie Bands Ever!

21. Sausalito - Lost in Translation

22. Hangman's Joke - The Crow

23. The Soggy Bottom Boys - O, Brother, Where Art Thou?

24. Camel Lips - Serial Mom

25. Crucial Taunt - Wayne's World

26. The Cheap Girls - The Money Pit

27. Cherry Bomb - Howard the Duck

28. The Folksman - A Mighty Wind

29. The New Main Street Singers - A Mighty Wind

30. Mitch & Mickey - A Mighty Wind

The Best Damn Fictional Movie Bands Ever!

31. Munchausen By Proxy - Yes Man

32. River Bottom Nightmare Band, Emmet Otter's Jug Band - Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas

33. Diamonds In the Rough - Saving Silverman

34. Ellen Aim & the Attackers - Streets of Fire

35. The Five Heartbeats - The Five Heartbeats

36. The Max Rebo Band, Figrin D'an & the Modal Nodes - Star Wars

37. The Flaming Creatures - Velvet Goldmine

38. Maxwell Demon w/ Venus in Furs - Velvet Goldmine

39. Tommy Gnosis & Hedwig & the Angry Inch - Hedwig & the Angry Inch

40. Dead Pink - Friends 'Til the End

The Best Damn Fictional Movie Bands Ever!

41. Suburban Funk - The New Guy

42. Fuck You Yankee Blue Jeans -- Clerks

43. School of Rock - School of Rock

44. Autobahn - The Big Lebowski

45. The Tri-Lambs - Revenge of the Nerds

The Best Damn Fictional Movie Bands Ever!


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