The Broken West, The Hope Trust

The Broken West

When you're a rock band pegged with the "power pop" descriptor, it usually means you're cursed. But for Los Angeles' The Broken West, that curse seems to have turned into a blessing.

The Los Angeles quartet's combination of infectious indie rock stylings and power pop charm has made it one of the greatest unsung indie acts around. That may be because the band's interesting sound—think Spoon, but with a pinch of TV on the Radio's electronic drum flourishes—makes The Broken West a little tough to market. But it pays off dividends when heard on songs like "Gwen, Now and Then" and "Auctioneer" from the band's sophomore effort, Now or Heaven. Now touring in support of that release, the band stops in Denton for a headlining gig at Dan's Silverleaf. Denton's own The Hope Trust opens.

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