The Damnations

Back in '99, the Damnations were that year's shiny new model when they debuted with Half Mad Moon, a spunky set of truly alternative country with a rock-grrl kick. Since then, the Austin foursome led by sisters Deb Kelly and Amy Boone have matured and settled into their sweet spot. These days, like, say, your favorite leather jacket, their music has grown more supple and form-fitting to the point where you slip into one of their shows and it just feels comfortable. A new album, Heart Like a Hotel, is due in the next few months, produced by Bruce Robison and released on his new Premium Records label. They still live in a commercial-free zone but on a bit of a mellower but no less emotive level. Their latest metroplex visit finds Gary Newcomb (of Austin's Lil' Captain Travis) subbing on a variety of things with strings for guitar wild card Rob Bernard (who can't give up his day job just now).

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