The Dears, Great Northern, Eulogies

Probably the don't-miss show of the week as Murray Lightburn and his band The Dears come to Hailey's in support of the 2007 release, Missiles. While the band's lineup has shifted over the years and its albums' credits list many different contributors, Lightburn's talent has remained at the forefront.

Over four proper records, the band has had this way of making relaxing music rock and rocking music relaxing. In other words: This isn't music that will put you to sleep, nor is it music that will knock your speakers over. Lightburn's voice has often been compared to a certain Brit who has Stephen Patrick as his first and middle name, as well as another Brit who once released a single where he said "Parklife" over and over again—but don't let such comparisons be some sort of litmus test. Lightburn has the songs and the talent to go beyond simple comparisons.

Eulogies and Great Northern, two different bands who fit very well with The Dears' vibe, open.


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