The Demigs

Chris Demiglio, the slightly rotund, bald frontman (and namesake) of this Denton quartet, is, for better or worse, a dead ringer for Frank Black. The fact that his band channels the best attributes of the Pixies only makes simplistic comparisons that much easier to make. Yardling, the band's just released debut, offers more than the poppy post-punk of the Pixies, however. Songs such as "Summer Spiders," "Humming From Outside" and "Throw Me Overboard" reflect stylishly retro influences such as Echo and the Bunnymen, Joy Division and early U2. Helping Chris Demiglio achieve his warped vision is the stout and sturdy drumming of his brother Mark and the piercing lead work of guitarist Eric Lee. Together, this youthful foursome creates a refreshing racket, new music that appropriates the proper elements of the (recent) past and makes agreeably fitful movements toward the daunting future.


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