The Demigs, Deep Snapper, Raised by Tigers

Sometimes it seems like the best acts in the area these days are turning down the volume on their guitars to make way for more intricate indie-pop instrumentation, or forgoing it altogether for keyboards and laptops. Saturday's bill at Andy's should prove there are still possibilities for the old six-string standby.

The Demigs' Yardling has authoritatively established the band as an excellent hard-rocking yet poppy group capable of shifting styles from song to song without straying so far that they lose their identity. Maybe you've already read comparisons to the Pixies and Guided by Voices (I concur) or Interpol (I dissent). Cementing it all is Chris Demiglio's amazingly versatile vocals, as he alternately screams with all of Frank Black's dementia or nails beautiful high notes. Tasteful guitar solos, precision drum pounding and assertively melodic bass lines help the band make a strong case for guitar rock's continued existence.

Power trio Deep Snapper, who have an excellent live reputation, take a harsher, simpler punk-influenced approach. Raised by Tigers' melodic psychedelia should make for a nice opener.


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