The Dirty Projectors

Like many reclusive artists in the past decade, Yale dropout Dave Longstreth has adopted a band name for his one-man musical project. But unlike most band-but-not-a-band artists, once he's on the stage, he's anything but reclusive--in fact, his solo presence is alarming. Longstreth, with a projector playing drugged-out videos full of birds, clouds, cut-and-paste imagery and other jilted visuals behind him, flails around in half-seizure fashion while screeching about Don Henley in a near-falsetto against laptop beats. Immediately afterward, he'll sit on a stool with a guitar and sing the most beautifully psychotic songs you've ever heard. The phrase "you'll never see a concert like this" is brutally overused in this business, but really, The Dirty Projectors deserve it, along with your attention.


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