The Domino Kings

Missouri's Domino Kings don't add a lot to the traditional honky-tonk and rockabilly that are the band's inspirations, but they don't have to. Produced by Lou Whitney (The Skeletons), Some Kind of Sign, the Kings' impressively earnest fourth release, is as solid a collection of roots rock as anyone could ask for. When you ply your craft as well as Steve Newman, Brian Capps and Les Gallier do, it's unnecessary and even pretentious to try and reinvent the wheel. The greasy Tex-Mex of "It's All Over But the Crying" is reminiscent of prime Mavericks and Dwight Yoakam while "Walk Away If You Want" rocks considerably harder. This is music for drinking, not thinking, and the warm confines of the venue should provide the perfect environment for the former. If mainstream country radio played rural music as consistent and clear-headed as that of The Domino Kings, it wouldn't be so easy to ridicule.

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