The Edge Continues to Dull

The Edge Continues to Dull

Can someone explain to me why I keep hearing Third Eye Blind on the radio? My iPod battery died on the way into work this morning, so I flipped around and landed on 102.1 KDGE and caught the tail-end of “Graduate.” In the last couple weeks I've come across both the hits everyone remembers “Semi-Charmed Life” and “Jumper” from 3EB on The Edge. Is this flashback to 1997 month, or is there some Stephan Jenkins & Co. fan club here that I'm unaware of? Maybe the station just swapping the late '90s band for the early '90s Pearl Jam? (In fairness, Third Eye Blind is vying for a comeback and actually releasing a new disc in early 2008 called The Hideous Strength.) Either way, I think I'll pass. -- Chelsea Ide

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