The Faces of Def show, with Sivion, T-Wrex, M.E.G.A., Cooley Fly, Subchronicles and Swishaman

Live hip-hop is always hit or miss. A sample or rhyme that comes through loud and clear on CD or vinyl can all of a sudden get muddled and drip from the speaker like molasses. A sweet bass drop can transform into a staticky mess that sounds more like paper being crumpled up if the system can't take it. Or an MC whose flow on record is smoother than Angelina Jolie's skin can sound like a 15-year-old novice onstage.

But, something tells me that's not gonna happen at the Double Wide at the "Faces of DEF" show (excellent name, fellas, by the way). Sivion always kills, of course, but it's M.E.G.A who looks to be the sleeper at this show. M.E.G.A. (it stands for My Entire Generation's Animosity) eschews the usually Southern style for a more Chicago/East Coast-conscious vibe—he echoes, in fact, two of the Windy City's most famous sons, Common and, to a lesser extent, Kanye—with less affected, more soul-drenched samples. It's bound to be weird, for sure, to see him and Sivion on a stage usually drenched in the sweat of blues-based rocking white boys, but, shit, the Double Wide's for everyone. Plus, since the likes of T-Wrex and Swishaman round out this bill, any anomalous juxtaposition will take a back seat to pure talent.


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