The Faint,Ladytron,The Crocodiles, DJ Figo

Co-headlining tours are meant to bring together the best of a particular genre into one night of greatness. Fittingly, that's the case on this bill, which puts Ladytron and The Faint, two of the biggest names in underground electro, on the same stage for one night.

The Faint, much like its Nebraska brethren in 311, creates music that you wouldn't expect to come from the heartland—a place where you'd expect to see more tractors than music clubs.  But whether you want to call it "dance punk" or "nu wave," The Faint brings its heavily Depeche Mode-inspired songs like "The Passives" and "Machines in The Ghost" just fine, no matter the location.

The U.K.'s Ladytron, meanwhile, first gained national attention three years ago, with its underground hit "Destroy Everything You Touch." And with the 2008 release of Velocifero, the band continued its hit-making success, namely thanks to the anthemic single "Ghosts."


The Faint, Ladytron, The Crocodiles, DJ Figo

The Crocodiles and DJ Figo will open the show.


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