The Faint
The Faint
Bill Sitzman

The Faint, Shy Child, Jaguar Love

Joel Peterson, bass player for Omaha dance-rockers the Faint, is a tad mum when it comes to describing the Faint's latest release, Fasciinatiion . He says the band is trying some "new things" on the just-released record, the band's first studio effort since 2004's Wet From Birth. But he doesn't really get into details. Which is weird because early listens to the disc indicate more of the same from the retro-, new wave-loving five-piece.

Given the fact that even The Faint classifies its sound as "dance rock," you can anticipate a fair share of dancing at this show. New York's similarly dance-minded electro-rock outfit Shy Child opens alongside Portland indie dance rockers Jaguar Love.


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