The Fratellis, The Airborne Toxic Event, Electric Touch

The Fratellis

"Look out, Sunshine, here's the punch line/No one gets you anymore," Jon Fratelli announces on the new Fratellis album, Here We Stand. Perhaps he's commenting on the changes surrounding his Scottish band's sudden rise to fame in the wake of 2006's insanely catchy and witty debut full-length, Costello Music. And yet, in spite of the Fratellis' pseudo-fraternal, shambling, slackerish and goofy visage, the trio is actually a disciplined, tight band with a talent for catchy pop-punk hooks. Here We Stand may not be quite as punky and lyrically silly as Costello Music, but both albums are well-crafted, impressively rocking affairs that should translate well to a live setting.

Austin's Electric Touch and Los Angeles' The Airborne Toxic Event, who made Internet waves last week after writing an open letter in complaint of a bad Pitchfork review, open.

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