The Get Up Kids

The last time The Get Up Kids played the DFW area, they were second on a four-band bill at the Nokia Theatre. Just a few years before that, the band headlined (and packed) the original Door and the Ridglea Theater. But, sadly, for those who remember how powerful and impressionable the band was, seeing the band play beneath the juggernaut of Dashboard Confessional was proof that times had changed.

The Get Up Kids called it quits in 2005, seeing the band members go off in different directions. Main vocalist/guitarist Matt Pryor released a number of recordings with his various projects, co-vocalist/guitarist Jim Suptic formed Blackpool Lights, keyboardist James Dewees toured with New Found Glory and My Chemical Romance, and bassist Rob Pope joined Spoon. Despite all these activities, The Get Up Kids made a surprise (and welcome) return last year. Now touring behind a reissue of their most celebrated album, Something to Write Home About, the band will play the Granada Theater literally 10 years (and a couple of days) after its original release.


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