The Get Up Kids, Steel Train, River City Extension

Even though it will be on a Sunday night, The Loft will very likely be at full capacity. After all, emo icons The Get Up Kids are coming back to town.

The Kansas City five-piece packed the Granada last fall on their reunion tour, and now they have a new record, There Are Rules, to promote. Regardless of whether the new material will be as well-loved as their first two records, Four Minute Mile and Something to Write Home About, you can't beat a band that has way more shelf-life than most of the bands they've inspired. Sure, there are other, younger bands who appeal more to a broader mall-dwelling audience. But are those bands going to pack a venue 16 years after they started?


The Get Up Kids; Steel Train; River City Extension

Prepare to witness the enthusiastic acclaim of songs like "Don't Hate Me" and "Ten Minutes" while being introduced to the band's continuation for 2011.

Folky New Jersey quintet Steel Train will open along with fellow New Jersey-ites River City Extension.


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