The Ginn Sisters

Hailing from (where else?) Austin, Tiffani and Brit Ginn have been thrilling audiences with their pristine harmonies and melodies since 2003. The Sisters' recent effort, Blood Oranges, came out in 2006 and featured mellow, acoustic Southern folk ("Down the Drain") alongside some old school, hard-core honky-tonk ("Broken Spirit"). Tiffani writes the songs, plays guitar and sings lead while Brit handles the harmonies and adds some flute and melodica. While all of that might sound a little too National Public Radio for those looking to down a few beers in Deep Ellum, let it be known that Tiffani Ginn possesses one of those rare voices, like Emmylou Harris with a bit more toughness. When she cuts loose on "Hard Fall (From Saturday Night)," Tiffani speaks from an authentically rural point of view that's both enlightened and engaging. Personable without being coy and cute is not an easy task, especially if you already happen to be cute, but Tiffani and Brit (despite their first names) are capable of a quality mix of toughness and compassion that should go down well with just about any libation.


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