The Jesus and Mary Chain Apologize for Rescheduling Issues With Puppets

It's about an hour-plus into

Built to Spill's

set of the final night of 35 Denton, which is the block the Jesus and Mary Chain were set to have before

work visa issues forced them to reschedule

. The reason I mention is the following from

35's site


When we learned that Jesus and Mary Chain had to reschedule, we asked them to make a video saying, "'hello' to 35 Denton, and 'sorry' for the delay, and that they would see us on Wednesday."

This was their reply...

Awesome. And if you're planning your week: The Jesus and Mary Chain have rescheduled their gig to Wednesday, March 14 at North Texas Fairgrounds. Free. FYI, the puppets curse mildly in this video.

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