The Manzarak-Rogers Band, RTB2, Whiskey Folk Ramblers

Los Angeles and San Francisco are tied as America's capitals of sin and triumph — at least for Ray Manzarek and Roy Rogers, who fashioned a "soundtrack" for both cities with their debut collaboration, Translucent Blues.

Manzarek (L.A.) is best known as The Doors' organist and producer of the first five X albums; Rogers (S.F.) is a blues guitar ace who worked closely with John Lee Hooker during the icon's later years. With alternating vocals, Rogers' searing guitar and the jazz-inspired cool of Manzarek's keyboards complement and contrast each other marvelously as they scrutinize the Golden State's dark underbelly.

They get some North Texas assistance on this show, courtesy of area favorites RTB2 and Whiskey Folk Ramblers.


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