The New Year, Shellac

Saw not long ago where our music ed referred to the New Year as "legendary," which is just another word for "beloved everywhere but in the band's hometown," which long ago should have erected a shrine to bros Matt and Bubba Kadane--and, while yer not at it, Peter Schmidt, the gentleman scholar who's played with the boys since they had Bedhead. Sam's right, of course: It's only appropriate two Wichita Falls boys raised on the Velvet Underground and country static would grow up to spawn their own generation of comers and wannabes; damned if every band playing their expansive Surround Sound rock slow and low doesn't sound just like everything the Kadanes have done going on 15 years now. They only get better with each release, no matter the immortal tracks already on the discography; the third disc's coming, sooner rather than later. For this hometown gig at the Sons of Hermann Hall (cannot wait) they bring with them longtime producer and indie-rock curmudgeon-genius Steve Albini's sonic-boomin' Shellac, which don't give two shits about melody when there's a mighty funky mess to be made of...whatchacallem...notes.


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