The Nokia Unwired Tour

I look forward to the day when this corporate branding of rock-and-roll tours gets truly out of hand: Captain D's Under the Sea Spectacular (featuring Primus, the Vulgar Boatmen and Phish), the Kmart Blue Light Special (Q-Tip and the Dixie Cups), Pfizer's Don't Stop Believing Roadshow (D12, Medicine and guest host Rush Limbaugh). Until then, we've got Finnish mobile technology giant Nokia's Unwired Tour, which brings to NextStage on Tuesday night freshly scrubbed Oklahoman pop-punk dreamboats the All-American Rejects, jock-rock journeymen Hoobastank, major-label emoists Diffuser and dependably feisty Los Angeles worldbeaters Ozomatli; if you think I have the foggiest notion how or why these bands represent Nokia's wireless ideal, I've got some very valuable Enron shares I'd like you to meet. Still, corporate largesse isn't without its perks, as the Rejects' self-titled 2002 DreamWorks disc has only been bested this year by Saves the Day's brand-new DreamWorks one; a couple of more singles as giddily effervescent as "Swing, Swing" and these guys'll get their own MTV2 special (if they haven't already). On the other hand, Ozomatli does just fine without the help of the Universal Music Group on its rousing new indie EP, Coming Up, which, though I don't speak Spanish, speaks to me loud and clear. Not about rollover minutes, I don't think.


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