The Paper Chase
The Paper Chase

The Paper Chase, Micah P. Hinson and Shiny Around the Edges

Hopefully you're smart enough to take one look at this lineup and know that you should have acquired your tickets to this thing already. If not, get on it. Chances to see The Paper Chase seem increasingly rare, and the openers—both of whom have recorded with Paper Chase mastermind John Congleton—are strong enough to draw a crowd on their own.

At first blush, Micah P. Hinson seems to be something of an odd duck here, even if folk-influenced singer-songwriters are closer to what one normally associates with the historic Hall than the other two bands. He has at least one foot firmly planted in the dusty but familiar terrain of Texas country and folk at all times, but he'll also rock out and go off on some interesting tangents of feedback and jackhammer-rhythm strumming. Even if he is at his most subdued, though, his sad and powerful songs should impress Paper Chase and Shiny Around the Edges fans. Both of those bands—Shiny, in particular—have their subtle, hushed moments as well.

And good news for the kids: This will be an all-ages show.


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