Those thrilled beyond reason when The Toadies re-formed should be quite satisfied to hear this debut EP from the local duo known as The Phuss. Joshua Fleming and Trey Alfaro take many of their cues directly from The Toadies' seminal effort, Rubberneck. And that's not a bad thing, mind you. Songs like "Preacher, Preacher" and "The Legend of Billy Twostep" pack quite the alt-rock wallop, as power chords and Neanderthal drumming are the order of the day.

But Wanted is actually a 7-song concept EP vaguely concerning a wayward cowboy's journey to redemption—or, well, something like that. While Fleming certainly put a lot of effort into the song cycle's complicated narrative, it's really the music and production value that propels the effort beyond your standard, local rigmarole.

This is especially true of "Oh Black Water," the EP's slowest (and perhaps best) cut. Over electric and acoustic guitars as well as some chugging, Old 97's-style drumming, Fleming delivers this earnest tale of going home with a welcomed restraint that points to a bright full-length in the near future.


The Phuss

Catch the band on Thursday, October 29, at Bolsa in Oak Cliff.


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