The Pikahsso Helps the Homeless Community Event and Birthday Party with performances by PPT, Money Waters, The Boondox and more

Verb! Pikahsso shows action on his birthday by teaming up with local photographer and homeless advocate Hal Samples to throw a party and collect winter clothing for the homeless. The party, at Samples' studio, will feature performances by some of the best rappers in the D-F Dub, including Pik's group PPT. On April 15, PPT will release what sounds like the strangest concept album to ever come out of Dallas, Denglish, which puts a British accent on Dallas hip-hop. The opportunity to hear just how well they pull it off is reason enough to check out the show. Money Waters, recently featured on Young Bleed's last album, has a drawling Southern flow and is capable of great performances. This should be a good chance to hear what he's come up with since his excellent 2006 CD, Swalhaggin. Romio No E has a nimble flow and creative beats, such as "Romio No E," which samples from the Transformers cartoon's sound effects and theme song. The Boondox, featuring KBFB-97.9 FM's DJ Headkrack, put on a high-energy show, while Original Soul is on the opposite end of the hip-hop spectrum, performing chilled-out, organic neo-soul with sentimental, conscious rhymes.


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