The Presets, Cut Copy

Cut Copy

If fluorescent green could be conveyed through sound—and was then shaken up with throbbing beats, electric synths and haunting vocals—it would sound like Australian electro duo The Presets.

The pair, Julian Hamilton (keyboard/vocals) and Kim Moyes (drums) may have met at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, but rest assured, neo-classical sonatas are nowhere on the band's menu. Rather, the duo spits out electric pop songs so juicy even the wallflowers will be tapping their feet and shaking their hips—that is, if their skinny-fit jeans permit.

In 2003, The Presets were signed to Modular Records, the Australian label home to other artists such as Muscles, Van She and Cut Copy (who joins the band on this tour). Since then, the duo has released an array of cosmic riches: Their debut album, 2005's Beams is a dance floor jump-off; this year's Apocalypso is more suited as the score to an intergalactic trek.


The Presets, Cut Copy

Tuesday, September 30, at the Granada Theater

Audiences looking to strut their stuff on a dance floor—or participate in a voyage to the moon—will find that The Presets provide enough neon pop to illuminate any dance floor and/or any celestial body in our galaxy.

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