The River Mouth Has No Lip, Still Offers Two Bonus MP3s

The River Mouth Has No Lip, Still Offers Two Bonus MP3s

Denton-based The River Mouth formed late last year, and, though the band hasn't managed to find a frontman/lead vocalist, the rest of the group has certainly been doing just fine without a singer because it seems like the band's name pops up on a show poster just about every week.

True to form, the band has two shows booked in Austin next week, followed by another gig opening for RTB2 at J&J's Pizza next Saturday.

But, before even that, you can catch the psychedelic sounds of The River Mouth at J&J's Pizza tomorrow at the Spooky Folk, Rio Rasco and Manned Missiles show.

After the jump, check out two mp3s from The River Mouth: "Handful of Herds" and "Mountain Machine."

Bonus mp3:

The River Mouth -- "Handful of Herds"

Bonus mp3:

The River Mouth -- "Mountain Machine"

The band says its been trying to find the right voice to fit its sound. But, so far, no voice has gelled. For now, the current members of The River Mouth say they will keep working to establish the band's sound, while working on its debut album.

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