The Romantics, Missing Persons and Tommy Tutone

Most every male who went through puberty in the early '80s had fantasies involving Dale Bozzio, lead singer for Missing Persons. With her flare for see-through plastic dresses and sexually charged vocals (complete with perfectly placed high-pitched squeals), Bozzio's erotic chutzpah more than made up for what she lacked in actual talent.

Teamed with husband and ace drummer Terry Bozzio, the band was perfect for MTV: experienced musicians with some pop smarts, fronted by a hot gal in too much makeup.

The band's heyday was surprisingly brief, as, by 1983, Missing Persons was already a trivia question. These days, Dale Bozzio lives in Boston and sells real estate, but she occasionally gathers up a couple of worthy session players and heads out on tour under the group moniker. Her last solo album, 2007's New Wave Sessions, featured her breathing and squeaking her way through the band's best song, "Destination Unknown," as well as some other '80s classics. But the results were mixed—at best.


The Romantics, Missing Persons and Tommy Tutone

Friday, July 25, at Glass Cactus

Joining Missing Persons for this tour are The Romantics and Tommy Tutone, two acts whose sound and looks make them perpetually dated, yet both are capable of providing a crowd of 40-somethings with some make-out memories.


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