The Secret Handshake, The Vanished to Play Grapevine Mills

Dallas pop-rockers The Vanished will play the Journeys Backyard BBQ with The Secret Handshake and Aiden.

With upcoming tours with Cobra Starship and Cartel (at home and abroad) on tap for The Secret Handshake , the band is still up for doing a local mall show every now and then. OK, so it's the Journeys Backyard BBQ show, but still it's at Grapevine Mills Mall. The May 10 show also features performances by Aiden and locals The Vanished , Rockett Queen and Before the Fall . The event is more focused on extreme sports, but what's nice is it's a free event. We love free stuff. Don't you?

Oh, The Secret Handshake has also secured a spot on the SmartPunk stage on this year's Warped Tour. It's tentatively scheduled to hit Dallas July 3. -- Chelsea Ide

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